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Mastering the S tile in Words With Friends

Image that partially shows a Words With Friends board with letters in play and an emphasized S tile. Text: How to use the S tile strategically

is one of the most valuable letters in Words With Friends. Regardless of your experience level, understanding the nuances of the S tile can make or break a game.

How many S tiles are in Words With Friends?

WWF has five S's, making each instance of this versatile letter a valuable asset. Fast Play game mode has four S's. and there are also two blank tiles that you or your opponent can use as an S.

How to use the S tile to win Words With Friends games

Pluralize for Points:

One of the simplest yet effective strategies is to pluralize existing words on the board. Adding an S to a word already in play awards you points for every letter in that newly-pluralized word. Keep in mind, you should only pluralize a word when it helps you score extra points from a bonus tile.

Utilize Bonus Tiles:

Maximize your points by placing an S on Double or Triple Letter/Word score tiles. This can turn an average word into a high-scoring play, helping your overall point tally.

Build Hooks:

Use the S tile as a "hook" to form new words by adding an S to the end or beginning of an existing word. This will allow you to earn points for both the original and the newly formed word.

Create Compound Words:

Combine an S with other letters to create compound words. This can increase your points while simultaneously blocking potential plays for your opponent. This technique is particularly effective when the board is getting crowded, and options are limited.

Strategic Blockades:

The letter S can be a defensive powerhouse. Use it strategically to block potential bonus point opportunities for your opponent. By controlling the board and limiting your opponent's options, you increase your chances of maintaining a lead.

Elevate your game with the S tile

Expert players pay close attention to their tile racks, waiting for the optimal moment to play an S. Holding onto it until the right opportunity arises can be the key to securing victory. A good rule-of-thumb is to save your S's for plays worth 30+ points or Bingos. 

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