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WWF Cheats needs to see your entire game board. Double-tap your game board to zoom back out all the way, then take a new screenshot.

WWF Cheats needs to see your entire game board. Chat bubbles, volume notifications, and window switchers need to be temporarily turned off while taking a screenshot.

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About the Screenshot Solver

One of the most captivating aspects of Words With Friends is how every game is different with endless possibilities and decisions that need to be made. It's not just a game of unscrambling letters to make words, it's a game of strategy, memory, knowledge, and more.

Using an anagram solver to find words can be a great way to learn new vocabulary and find words with difficult letters. But, it's very limiting to help in other strategic parts of the game. That's why we created advanced screenshot scanning technology that automatically reads the game board of WWF.

The screenshot solver quickly identifies all the played words, bonus tiles, and letters to calculate the highest-scoring play based on the word and its position. This allows you to vastly improve your game by not only learning new words but by learning placement strategies.

With this tool, you can focus more on the offensive and defensive tactics of the game by viewing all the possible words you can play. Then you can determine what move would be smart to make all while scoring big points.

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