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Words With Friends Cheat

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Better than any Words With Friends cheat you've ever seen!

Words With Friends Cheat .IO is the most powerful answers site for scrabble games in the world. You can even scan your own screenshots into our Words With Friends helper and get ridiculously high scores tailored to each individual board! Our amazing word finder and board solving technology has been leading the industry since 2011, practically the beginning of time in technology years. Now, it's available in your browser anytime and anywhere you want it.

You can use as much or as little of our power as you desire. At the beginner level, it's as easy as typing your WWF tile rack into our word finder above. The answers you get from solving anagrams can inspire you to make much more impactful plays, especially when you use them to form crosswords on the board.

The basic word finder works really well with our other guides, such as our two letter and three letter word lists.

The true WWF expert will be much more interested in our full board solver. Using it is easy! Just take a screenshot of your game and upload it to our solver. Our WWF cheat site will then instantly show you all possible answers and where they sit on the board.

Once you have your set of answers, you can quickly reference their definitions and pin them to your notification bar. You can also install Words With Friends Cheat .IO directly onto your phone as a web app just like if you had downloaded it from the app store! The possibilities are endless, so scroll back up to give it a try and see for yourself.

Enter YOUR LETTERS: What is a word finder and how does it work?

Words With Friends is a game of anagrams - forming words from the letters of other words. In this case, the anagrams you get from the letters in your tile rack are the answers you play to score points.

If all you want is a list of words that are possible from your tile rack, enter the letters above and tap the search button. It really is that easy! We've made sure our wwf cheat includes some advanced features to help you form crosswords on the board, so read on to learn more.

Blank Tiles. Type a question mark ( ? ) or a period ( . ) to represent a blank tile in your hand. Our Words With Friends helper is smart enough to show you all of the possible answers with these wildcards.

Wwf cheat word finder example: [ C?T ] will give you 'CAT'

Advanced Options: Find words anywhere on the board!

Anagrams aren't always playable just by themselves. To get on the board, you have to form a crossword.

Begins With. Type any letter from the board here, and your answers will all begin with that letter.

Wwf cheat word finder example: [ OG ] Begins With [ D ] will give you 'DOG'

Contains. Type any letter from the board here, and your answers will all surround that letter.

Wwf cheat word finder example: [ FSH ] Contains [ I ] will give you 'FISH'

Ends With. Type any letter from the board here, and your answers will all end with that letter.

Wwf cheat word finder example: [ FERRE ] Ends With [ T ] will give you 'FERRET.'

Spaces Between Letters. It's really simple to search with spaces between letters. Just use a question mark ( ? ) or a period ( . ) in the advanced option boxes.

Wwf cheat word finder example: [ LPHANT ] Begins With [ E?E ] will give you 'ELEPHANT'

For more specifics, view our manual.

Sorting the Answers

At the top of the answers table, you can tap the column headers to sort the words however you like. The first tap will sort from low to high, and the second tap will sort from high to low. By default, answers are sorted by high score.

Looking for only answers with seven letters? Tap the Length column. If there are any, they'll be there.

Want your word search in alphabetical order for some reason? Weird, but we won't stop you. Just tap the Word column.

Need more Words With Friends help? Upload a screenshot!

Scanning your screenshot into our board solver will almost always find word scores that are multiple times higher than you can get from the word finder alone. We are the first and only WWF cheat site to offer such an advanced feature.

Words With Friends cheat board example

The reason this works has to do with how the game is played and scored. You have to form crosswords in order to play, and any new words you form in a single turn are added to your score. Having a screenshot to work with allows our Words With Friends helper to know the locations of every tile on the board. Given this context, our Words With Friends helper can check hundreds of thousands of possible plays in mere milliseconds and show you not only the best words to play, but exactly where to play them.

If it sounds complex, it's not. Once you know how to take screenshots on your model of phone (usually a combination of the power and volume buttons), just tap the red upload button above, choose the screenshot, and your answers will appear immediately.

For more info on screenshot importing, view our manual.

What games does this work with?

Words With Friends Cheat .IO is optimized for Words With Friends 2 (a.k.a. WWF2), which you can find on your app store of choice. That said, this WWF wordfinder will still work well for any game you have.

If you need help with a specific game, find our Also Available section below. Our scrabble helper uses a word list tailored more to that game than Words With Friends, for instance.

If you're brand new to Words With Friends or need a primer on its specific rules, read our Words With Friends help guide.

Can I use this to play the Words With Friends board game?

Sure! There are lots of reasons to try our solver with the physical version of Words With Friends, such as to play with fun house rules or to teach English spelling and grammar to your kids.

You can even use our board solver with the WWF board game. Tap the Edit button to add tiles to the board and rack manually, then tap Solve.

Can I use this with the WWF Solo Challenge?

Yes! This word finder will certainly work with that mode. We are constantly improving our Words With Friends cheat to support these game modes, so just be sure to take the cleanest screenshots and familiarize yourself with the common strengths and limitations of OCR algorithms to have the best chance of a successful import.

Will this help me become a better WWF player?

Our Words With Friends cheat will certainly help you become a better player, so long as you're willing to learn. Anyone can unscramble words, and any word generator is merely a tool in your repertoire. If you play nothing but the highest scoring words, a skilled player is going to lead you around the board and take all of the multipliers for himself.

Instead, watch our word builder for patterns you can learn from. For instance, where on the board are all of the best words typically played? With which tiles do powerful words most often intersect?

Use that knowledge to trick your opponent into leaving those areas open for you, then pounce on the opportunity with all of your best tiles! Our screenshot importer and board solver are best for discovering how and why the pros play the way they do.

Advanced Words With Friends Strategies

Now that you have all this Words With Friends help at your fingertips, here's how you use it to devastating effect.

The word with the highest score is not always the best word to play. The best WWF players wait for the perfect time to strike. If you have a high-scoring Z tile, for instance, do you want to burn it for 30 points or would you rather wait until it can be used in a 100 point word?

Don't leave score multipliers open to your opponent. So you played an awesome word. Congratulations! But wait, did your word leave a high-scoring W tile too close to a triple word space? Now your opponent can use it to wipe the floor with you. Always be careful to not give your opponent free points!

Lead your opponent so you get all the score multipliers. Let's say you've got an amazing set of tiles to play, but nowhere to play them. Bide your time and make smaller words until your opponent leaves a DW or TW space open for you. Once you're within range, hit the board with everything you've got!

Hold on to that plural! It may be tempting to score one extra point by putting an S at the end of your word, but do it purposefully. If you can reach a DW or TW space by making your word plural, do it. If not, be aware that the letter S is one of the easiest letters with which your opponent can form crosswords.

Save your blank tiles for when you need to reach a score multiplier. Blank tiles are the most useful tiles in the game. If you use them right away, you might be giving up their potential. Wait until a TL, DW, or TW space is within reach, then use our board solver to see how that blank tile can let you stretch to reach it for massive points. No other WWF cheat can do that!

5 Words With Friends Strategy Tips

How to Use the Bonus Tiles

Words With Friends has a 15x15 spaced board with 60 spaces being bonus tiles. So, about a quarter of the board is filled with opportunities to boost your score. The list below has the amounts of each bonus tile you'll see on the board.

From this, you can see that the best spaces are the least common so it's essential to use them as often as you can. However, if not used in a strategic manner, they could actually end up causing you a loss.

One of the most important things to be aware of when making a move is to not open up a position where your opponent could use one of the big tiles like Triple Word. Doing so, will not only allow them to get boosted points but also diminish the opportunity for you to get them.

A smart way to go for the bonus tiles is to wait for your opponent to open up the move for you. If you see a tile in reach, try as many options as you can to get to it. If you're not able to get a high-scoring word with it, it still might be worth playing on to keep your opponent from doing so.

When first starting a game and even throughout, the Double and Triple Letter tiles will be the easiest to get to. But, this doesn't mean they should be forgotten. If there are no word multipliers open, putting one of your highly-scored letters on a letter bonus can sometimes be just as good.

Placing letters like J, Q, and Z on Triple Letter bonuses will instantly rack you up 30 points! Plus, you can sometimes get multiple bonuses as a great way to get ahead of your opponent while you wait for them to open up a bigger bonus tile.

Different Words With Friends Game Modes

Since it first launched, WWF has added lots of different ways you can enjoy the game. There are new modes where you can play by yourself, against random players, or against the computer. Plus, almost all of them give rewards and are set as events that restart over time.

Solo Challenge

One popular event is the Solo Challenge which allows you to play against computers that increase in difficulty each level. It's very similar to the classic game but is instead on a smaller board with only 5 moves available.

So, you really have to make the most out of your turns each time. To beat a level, you just have to end up with the higher score. Then you can move on to the next until you finish them all.

Word Wheel

In this minigame, you are trying to complete a crossword. However, you have to do this by finding words with only the set of letters they give you. When you find a valid word, it will get added to the crossword so you can see its position and help you find the others. If you end up finishing all of the puzzles before the event ends, you can win some rewards as well.

Quick Play

In the Quick Play mode, you have options to play different minigames against others. When playing, you can earn stars to be placed on the leaderboard. Then, if you get a high enough rank, you'll be rewarded prizes for your place!

One of the minigame options, Word Rivals, is a simple game slightly similar to the Solo Challenge. The object of the game is to score more total points than your opponent with only 5 turns. But, each turn is on a timer of 40 seconds so you have to be quick!

The Duels minigame is another quick-thinking game but even more intense. In this mode, you have to rapidly play words on three different rotating boards. To win, you have to reach 150 points before your opponent does. This game is great for practicing your offense or testing how fast your word-finding skills have gotten.

Daily Word Play

Unlike the other modes, this game starts you off with premade boards. The goal of the game is to score a certain amount of points by playing one word on each board. It's a fun way to try and find the best scoring word without having to worry about saving tiles, blocking opponents, or setting up other moves.

Which dictionary does this Words With Friends helper use?

As of this writing, the Words With Friends dictionary is a weird mix of the old U.S. English and British English options. In our testing, the Words With Friends word list is somewhat similar to ENABLE, but with many alterations to fit Zynga's preferences.

The differences are too many to list here, but we often give specific updates about these changes in our news blog. Thanks to users like yourself, we are able to keep up with this constantly changing word list fairly quickly, so you should rarely have to worry about it.

If you're playing the old Words With Friends Classic or some other version of the game, we recommend playing in the U.S. English mode for the highest compatibility with our WWF cheat. Really though, it's probably best to go ahead and upgrade to WWF2.

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