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Words With Friends Cheat

About Us

Words With Friends Cheat .IO has been the leader in word-solving technology for over six years. Our mission has always been to provide the simplest yet most powerful tools to dominate word games. From the classic word finder to the advanced OCR screenshot solver, we've redefined the possibilities of Scrabble and WWF helpers.

Our Tools

Word Finder

Our word finder is a simple yet versatile tool to unscramble letters into words that provide the highest score possible. It even has options for words that start with, contain, and end with specific letters. From our list, you can also transfer the word to a game board to calculate bonus tiles and more.

Board Editor

The Board Editor is a practice place and board-solving tool mimicking the real Words With Friends game. By being able to place words on the board, you can find the best possible moves utilizing the bonus scores from special tiles. This not only helps with learning new words and vocabulary but also learning new strategies and placements for the game.

Screenshot Solver

The Screenshot Solver elevates the Board Editor to the next level. Using OCR technology, this tool automatically scans a screenshot of your game board and outputs it directly to the board tool.

Not only that, but it also detects the bonus tiles and board size. This allows you to conquer the Words With Friends Solo Challenges and score mega points.

Meet the Team

Jason - CEO and Backend Developer

Jason is the founder of the website, developing and maintaining the core functions of its tools.

Ben - Web Developer and Scrabble Connoisseur

Ben designs and develops tools on the site along with providing expertise in Words With Friends and Scrabble.

Austin - Web Developer and Designer

Austin develops new features and maintains existing tools on the site for a good user experience across devices.

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