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Words With Friends Teams Up With Garth Brooks

Text: Hashtag Words With Garth, Giveaway & Free Tile Style. Image: Garth Brooks singing with guitar, WWF tile with vinyl, astronaut, Text on image: Words With Friends 2 Announcement, Introducing our new Garth Brooks Vinyl Tile Style! Claim Now!

Zynga has teamed up with Garth Brooks for the holidays. For twelve days, Words With Friends players will have access to special in-game and real-world giveaways.

This collaboration launched on November 25th with a free Vinyl tile style (with the signature Garth Brooks "g" logo) available to all WWF players. It's only available for a limited time, so go and claim your free tile style if you haven't done so yet!

Make sure to also enter the Garth Brooks Legacy Collection Sweepstakes. The prize is a Garth Brooks Legacy Original Analog Edition box set which includes 7 vinyl records and 7 CDs (with bonus tracks). You can enter the giveaway here. The giveaway ends on December 8th.

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