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New Daily Word Wheel Challenge

Text: Daily Word Wheel Coming Soon. Image of hard Daily Word Wheel Challenge on a phone screen with letter M, L, S, I, E, D in the word wheel at the bottom and the board game puzzle on top. Image with a Tutorial, text: Draw a line to connect E, A, and T to spell EAT. Image with text: AWESOME! Image of easy Daily Word Wheel challenge with the letters M, E, L, and T connected to spell MELT.

Check out the new daily challenge that was recently added to the Facebook version of Words With Friends. The challenge, known as Daily Word Wheel, is a bit different from WWF's usual daily games. It's a word search crossword (similar to word games such as Wordscapes and Word Connect). The concept of the challenge is to use the letters located on the word wheel to craft words that fit on the board. The challenge renews every day and gets progressively harder to complete -- the number of words to find on the board increases as well as minimum word length.

If you play the Facebook version of Words With Friends, check to see if you have the Daily Word Wheel challenge available on your device (it's located directly beneath Albot). This challenge is currently available on select devices.

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