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What are Power-Ups in Words With Friends?

Power-ups are a special tool that can be used to benefit players during a game. Unlike the basic features like the Word Strength meter, Tile Bag, and Swapping, these tools are limited in the number of times you can use them. Using a power-up spends that power-up. So depending on how many you have of each, you will eventually have to get more if you want to use them.

To obtain power-ups, you can purchase them with coins or earn them from daily bonuses and challenges. As of right now, there four power-ups available that all have different abilities.

The Swap+ power-up allows you to swap out tiles without losing your turn. This is great if you do not have any good letters to come up with a word or want to try to get higher scoring letters. Before using this power-up make sure to take a look at the tile bag to see which letters are available.

Swap Plus power up example in Words With Friends

The Hindsight power-up lets you see the word with the highest score that could have been made from your previous play. This works best in two ways. The first is as a learning tool to see how the word was positioned and if it is a new word you could add to your vocabulary.

The second is if that word could still be played on the next turn. This is helpful if the word has a very big score if you do not find anything better.

Hindsight power up example in Words With Friends

The Word Radar power-up allows you to see the spots where words can be played. When using this it will highlight the spaces on the board in green. Sometimes this is not very helpful if there are too many places to play a word. But, it can help if you do not have good letters or it is late in the game.

Word Radar power up example in Words With Friends

And lastly, the Word Clue power-up highlights one place on the board where a word can be played along with which tiles to use. When using this it will highlight the spaces on the board and the tiles in the rack in purple. This is especially helpful when you have not found any place to put a word. But, you still have to figure out which word it makes from the letters.

Word Clue power up example in Words With Friends

For some strategy tips, you can go here to learn how to effectively use Power-Ups.

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