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What Are Quick Play Events in Words With Friends?

Quick Play Events are small online tournaments for Words With Friends minigames. The minigames stay true to the classic word finder genre but are more fast-paced with higher stakes. These work by having a star ranking system.

Winning a game earns a player 3 stars and losing a game earns a player 1 star. At the end of a Quick Play Event, the rewards are given out to the players that ranked in the Reward Zone according to how many stars they have.

The prizes usually consist of being some type of Mystery Box. So the player with the most stars will receive the highest valued Mystery Box they can get for that event. You can find all of this at the Quick Play leaderboard to see where you rank and what the rewards are.

The minigames are usually simple and easy to learn. One of which is called Duels where you are put up against a random opponent into a race for 150 points. In that mode, you have to play as fast as possible across three different boards. So for each word you place you will go on to the next board with another set of letters rotating between the three of them.

Duels screenshot in Words With Friends

To be able to participate in the events you need to have Tickets. For each play of a minigame, you will need to spend whichever amount of tickets it requires. To obtain tickets, you can either wait a certain amount of time for each one or refill them instantly using coins.

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