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How to end a game in Words With Friends?

There are two ways to end a game in Words With Friends. The first and quickest one would be by resigning from the game. However, this will count the game as a loss. To do this, enter the game you want to end, tap on the More button in the bottom left of the screen, and tap on Resign at the bottom.

The second way to end a game is by completing it all the way through. One way the game is over is if a player places all the tiles from their rack with no more available to draw. The other way is if three consecutive turns have passed without any points being made. This usually happens when both players do not have anywhere to play their last tiles.

One note to be aware of is that it is highly beneficial for a player to play the last tile. This is because the opponent will be deducted the total amount of points from the value of the tiles still in their rack. Then, those points will be added to the player's score that played the last tile.

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