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Scrabble Go

Orange and red background.Text: Scrabble Go. The 'S' in "Scrabble" is surrounded by a square with the number 1 in the lower right corner. The 'G' and 'O' in "Go" are in traditional Scrabble tiles with the number 2 in the lower right corner of the 'G' tile and the number 1 in the lower right corner of the 'O' tile. The text "Crossword Game" is written in small font below the 'L' and 'E' in "scrabble".

Scrabble Go (the replacement for EA Scrabble) was recently released worldwide on Android and iOS. Featuring the classic Scrabble game, Scrabble Go includes a classic and modern game mode along with other unique ways to enjoy the game with friends and other Scrabble fans from around the world. 


If you're a Scrabble purist, you'll love Classic mode. Using the official rules, game board, and dictionaries, Classic mode provides an authentic Scrabble experience without the helpful boosts available in Modern mode.


The Scrabble mode that includes helpful boosts and tools, Modern mode also has a selection of many fun tile designs. Similar to WWF, players unlock tile designs by completing challenges and winning chests. However, unlike in Words With Friends, Scrabble Go only shows unique tile designs in each player's tile rack; the tile design stays Classic on the board. 


Designed as a training mode, this single player game provides an excellent way to grow your Scrabble skills and experiment with new strategies. While WWF has both a Classic and Fast Play practice option, Scrabble Go only offers this option in Modern mode. For those who prefer fast-paced games, you'll be happy to learn that your Scrabble Go practice opponent makes moves within seconds, while the opponent in WWF takes two minutes to make a move on the board.


Scrabble Go has a new, themed Duels event every week. Players are matched based on skill level. Each player is given five timed turns (a turn lasts 40 seconds). The player with the highest point total at the end wins the duel. Victories in Duels unlock unique prize chests. Similarly, WWF also has a Duels event, but the game-play is a little bit different.


The unique Arena tournaments in Scrabble Go are what truly distinguish it from other games.

Word Drop: With a 90 second time limit, your objective is to find as many words as you can in this word search game. The twist? Your used tiles are replaced, causing the remaining letters to constantly shift into new positions. 

Tumbler: This is the perfect game for all anagram lovers. Try to score big by finding words from an ever-changing set of letters within a 90 second time limit. Find long or unique words for bonus points.

Rush: This solo mode includes a three minute time limit and a maximum of ten total moves. You're the only one playing words on the board, so try to set yourself up for high-scoring plays. Every single move you make counts!


As in WWF, there are a variety of boosts available for use within most of the game modes in Scrabble Go.

Best Play Last Turn: Shows the best playable word from your previous turn (similar to Hindsight in WWF)

Quick Word: Plays a random word from your tile rack (keyword here is "random" -- there's no guarantee you'll receive a high-scoring word when using this boost)

Bonus Swap: Swaps the letters on your tile rack without losing a turn (similar to WWF Swap+)

Word Spy: Shows all possible word locations on the board (similar to Word Radar in WWF)

Word Power Meter: Shows the strength of your play (similar to WWF Word Strength)

Go try out Scrabble Go, and don't forget to check out Scrabble Go Cheat!

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