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How to Cheat on Words With Friends

How to Cheat on Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a very popular word game played by millions of people and it can become pretty competitive at times. There are many strategies one can take to win a match and it can be difficult to know what to play. So, here are some ways to cheat on Words with Friends that will greatly improve your game:

Use a Screenshot Cheat Website

This is the easiest way to find the best word and earn the most points possible. Scanning your board automatically gets all of the tiles and looks for the bonus spaces to know the best place to set the word. All you have to do is take a screenshot of your board and upload it on the WordsWithFriendsCheat.IO screenshot page. There you can upload a screenshot and filter through the highest scoring words you could play.

Use Power-Ups

The power-ups in Words with Friends can definitely help in times of need. Above the game board, there are four icons that can be tapped. The Swap+ power-up allows you to swap out tiles without losing your turn. Hindsight allows you to see the best possible move you could have made after you have played.

Word Radar shows the spots on the board where most words can be played. And lastly, Word Clue provides a word hint that shows the placement on the board and which tiles are used. Go here for more tips on how to effectively use Words with Friends power-ups.

Check the Word Strength and Tile Bag

At the bottom left corner of the game, there is a More button that takes you to a menu where you can turn on Word Strength. With this feature, you are able to check how strong of a word you have when you place it on the board before you play it. Just tap on the green lightning bolt next to the word and if the meter is high you have a good word to play.

Also in the More menu is the Tile Bag which lists the remaining letters that you can swap out for or obtain after playing a word. This is important to check when you are trying to plan out a certain word and want to see how many high-scoring letters are still left. It is especially useful when you want to use the Swap+ power-up.

Use the Dictionary

The Dictionary in Words with Friends is helpful because it not only shows the definition of a word but also shows it's highest-scoring play and it's rarity being played in the last 30 days. This is nice to use when you want to learn about a word and the potential it has to score highly. The Dictionary is also simply stored in the More menu at the bottom left.

Find Uncommon Words with Word Lists

Word lists can be a great way to find words with difficult letters like X and Z or words only with vowels. This can help when you are stuck with a certain letter or do not have many tiles left. Check out these useful word lists that are sure to help.

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