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Words With Friends Is 10 Years Old!

Words With Friends celebrated their ten-year anniversary on July 19th. In honor of this special occasion, which they creatively dubbed “Friendiversary”, the entire month of July was full of special surprises. Words With Friends kicked off their Friendiversary celebration with the release of three free Legacy tile styles: Words Rising Star, Words All-Star, and Words Legend. Throughout the month of July, WWF gave players opportunities to collect unique rewards that included special badges and anniversary balloons. The last weekend of July featured a special, premium Purple PolkaDot Balloon tile style that was available for purchase for a limited time.

The Friendiversary celebrations of July have ended, but the month of August kicked off with an exciting announcement from Zynga. In honor of their ten-year anniversary, Zynga announced a partnership with Alec Baldwin, who is a long-time WWF player. He is due to make appearances in their social media and marketing materials this fall.

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